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Hi everyone!

Visit :iconfotomexico:, the group I founded two months ago.

As you may guess, it's a group focused on photography of Mexico. It's spanish-based but we admit photographers from anywhere in the world as long as they want to share photos of Mexico or its culture.

So far we're 60 members (59 mexicans, 1 from Spain) and I'm pretty impressed with the quality of every member's submissions :w00t: Each month we freshen the main page with six new Featured photographs and we're open to any deviant's favourite suggestions.

If you're not a photographer but you like the group, you can :+devwatch: us and leave comments on the main page (or on each deviation, which would be greatly appreciated).

Thank you!!
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A better deviant

Mon May 31, 2010, 2:11 PM

I'm not the talkative type so I'll just say I'm trying to get more involved in the DA community :D by commenting more deviations, giving as constructive and objective feedback as I can, spreading llamas and whatnot.

I was recently invited by :iconenis-tareh: to join :icondamexico: as a contributor!! :eager: and I'm very happy about it!! I've been working with the staff there to get a nice and organized gallery :gallery: featuring great deviations from mexican artists that support our cause: gather mexican talent within deviantART and showcase our best works!! If you have the time, visit us.

Concerning my own gallery... well I've been slowly adding photos, but I still need to find a time to draw more. My tablet is kinda getting jealous at my camera LOL

That's all. For now ^_^

Brushes by yana-stock
Original mini gallery by thespook
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A mis alumnos de La Cruz de Huanacaxtle y todo el staff de Batallón:

¡Muchas gracias por estos días de inolvidables experiencias y mucha diversión! Fueron solo unos pocos días pero bastaron para apreciar la energía y empeño que imprimen en su trabajo.

Ustedes conforman un grupo con mucho talento. ¡Los invito a unirse como equipo y navegar juntos hacia el mismo objetivo!

Tienen en sus manos una oportunidad como pocas que se presentan en la vida. Es mi deseo que durante este proyecto todos ustedes crezcan profesional, artística y personalmente y que creen verdaderos lazos de amistad en el proceso.

Agradezco enormemente los cálidos comentarios que me externaron varios de ustedes. Ello me impulsa a buscar ser mejor cada día y a seguir compartiendo lo que sé y lo que soy. Me alegra saber que encontraron útiles las herramientas que exploramos durante esta sesión introductoria y espero que puedan sacar de ellas el mejor provecho. ¡De igual modo aprendí mucho de ustedes!

¡Sigan adelante! ¡Ojalá nos veamos pronto y puedan mostrarme enorme progreso en sus habilidades!

Con cariño,

Jorge Curiel.



Sorry guys, no traslation since this is local stuff AND... I'm lazy lol :)

[/journal entry]
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Two weeks ago I was on my way to Guadalajara's historical downtown to take some pictures. But before getting on the bus I received a call from some friends who where in town and... you know, I had to postpone my little photo-trip afternoon.

Since then, I've been unable to go. I had a couple of things to do and then I got sick.

Being here at home was not that bad, after all. I can read all I want and draw, for a change. I've been practicing with Painter X, drawing simple things with which I feel comfortable for a start. I'll try more complicated things later. By now all I want is to get the feel of it.

The most important thing I learned yesterday (when using Painter, that is) is that you have to re-adjust the brush tracking for each different tool you're using (or at least that's the way it works for me lol). Anyway, I'm quite inspired to keep drawing while I can!!

Ok, back to work now.
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I'm really happy to tell everyone that I finally got my Wacom Intuos3 6x8 tablet!!! Nothing can stop me now MWA HAHAHAH

Well I actually have LOTS of things to do about my DA site. I'm taking a number of photos with my analog camera, and I gotta scan them somehow. I only shoot slides, so I need a proper film scanner (and not my crappy TMA) oh well.

There's also a bunch of drawings waiting to be colored, so I can start like... now! heh heh

Ok back to artistic mood! See ya
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Yep! I'm back after these holidays...

Wow, a whole month of inactivity - gotta rush with my pending DA projects. I'm planning some anime calendars for you to print at home. There should be a DA section exclusively for calendars, don't you think? I guess I'll post them as illustrator files.

Folder icons are on the go, too. Wait for them!!! :D

Enough blah blah *runs back to work*
entry deleted.
Hey cuates de GDL! Fueron a The Comics Show??? Qué tal eh? Estuvo fregón! Yo estaba en el stand de Digitrain promocionando nuestros diplomados, y haciendo algunillas demostraciones junto con mi compañero Enrique que estaba diseñando una araña en Lightwave...

Me divertí mucho, no sé ustedes.

En fin, se acaba el journal local.


I'm feeling much better now. I'm just a bit tired because I got to work for the whole weekend, and I couldn't sleep too well during night... I think that's mainly because of the medicine I had to take.

Well now I gotta hurry with my folder icon collection. I have the base file almost ready, so maybe next week I'll have something to show.

However, since I was drawing the whole weekend (as exhibition in a comics convenium), now I have a new CG to submit! Just wait 'till I get it from the computer on which I made it. It is my first CG with a character and a background that actually fits her.

Hmm... I have just realized this would be my first CG posted in DA (the other drawing was traditional media =P).

Ok kiddies, I'll see you next time. Ciao!

I'm sick, I feel so weak... it all started yesterday as a simple stomachache in the morning, but I'm still getting nausea and dizzyness... :( I don't remember being so screwed up since I was a child.

I didn't go to work but I couldn't miss my lab today, so I'm at school right now, and my legs hurt, because I spent about 30 hours in bed...

Anyhow, my microsoft icons are up already, and the folder collection should be ready in about two weeks. Dunno if I can make it into the inspirations contest, too much things to do. Oh well.

See you guys

Hi everyone!

I'm very excited about this! I just submitted my Chrome 'n' Glass yzdock theme ^_^ and it's getting downloaded fast! 8)

I hope the issue about DA previews gets solved- anyhow, people seems not to care about it!

Well as you could see, "Think halloween" wallpaper was delivered on time, as well as the dock theme. But I think the ms office icons will have to wait some more... there's too much work at school!

Also I have a cool idea for folders icons. It seems most likely to me doing both collections at time than first finishing one. Wait for them, I can assure you won't get dissapointed =P

So! the COMING SOON panel should look like this:

1.- Chrome 'n' Glass Apps -> Messenger, Winzip, IE, and some MS Office icons [10%]
2.- Green strands -> A drawing of a mermaid that is taking me ages to color!!! [18%]
3.- **** Icons -> Folder icon collections [0%] The name is a surprise! :)

I'll be posting scraps during this week too... some unfinished traditional media

Ok see you later!
Hello everybody!

Today I'm in a very good mood. I went great in exams and when I cheked my deviations I found that 300+ people had downloaded my player icons!!! I'm so happy about it. I know that it's not a big number, but taking in count that I have just arrived at the community, I think it's good XD

What's coming next:

1.- Think Halloween -> a cool wallpaper... it's a surprise! (DELIVERED YESTERDAY)
2.- Chrome 'n' Glass dock -> Yzdock background to match my upcoming icons (this week)
3.- Apps Chrome 'n' Glass -> Messenger, Winzip, IE, and some MS Office icons (this and following week, I hope)
4.- Green strands -> A drawing of a mermaid that is taking me ages to color!!!

Thanks to all the ppl who are commenting on my submissions! I really appreciate it ;)

See you soon!

Hi there!

This is my first day in DeviantART. I'm so exited already! I uploaded a drawing and I instantly received two nice comments from Neko-suki and BrokenEver. Thank you a lot! ^_^

I wish to tell all of you a little bit about me. I'm an anime lover and I love drawing anime. I also enjoy a lot doing photo-manipulation and computer graphics in general. Recently I started some attempts at icon developing. I hope when I get better at it I'll upload my icon sets.

When it comes to lunch, I like hamburgers and pizza :P

About literature and poetry, I'm not a very experienced one, but I'd like to finish a story that currently is at its 10%. I like fantasy and romantic literature. Harry Potter!!! heh heh

Okay let's call it a day.
Thank you DeviantART, I'm sure I'll have a great time at this great community.

Regards from Mexico